Most books, like their authors, are born to die; of only a few books can it be said that death hath no dominion over them; they live, and their influence lives forever.  
~J. Swartz 

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Meg Cabot

Author of The Princess Diaries Series, Size 12 is Not Fat etc.

Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Historical Romance

Meg Cabot is always a joy to read. She knows how to deliver a solid book, however many of her books are beginning to be repetitive. With over 30 books published, its a wonder she can continue writing without overlapping any idea. I enjoyed a majority of her books except for the Princess Diaries Series. However, because she has 30 books publish, I hope that she will come out with a different book that doesn't have the typical "Meg Cabot" writing style. I am excited to see how her first sci-fi book will have turned out.

Cornelia Funke

Author of Dragon Rider, Inkheart, Inkspell, Thief Lord, etc

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

A German author, who I haven't been too impressed. Her writing is inconsistent and sometimes confusing. I loved Inkheart, it is has been on my favorite books-shelf since it came out in 2005. I was thrilled with how intriguing Inkheart was and once finished, I looked up her other books on When I learned that Inkheart would have a sequel I did a little dance, but it didn't live up to the expectation of the first book. In fact, I became confused and almost didn't finish the book. I like to believe that she will become more consistent later on, I just have one request, stop writing Inkheart books, because she kills it even more every time a new book of the series comes out. She is often referred to as the "German J.K. Rowling" but I don't see that at all. 

Anthony Horowitz

Author of Alex Rider Series & The Diamond Brother Series, Groosham Grange

Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Action

Another British author that I was relatively impressed with. I have only read the Alex Rider Series and they were mediorce. A perfect balance between his double life and his real life, I was hoping for a little more connectable characters than the ones in the book. I have not read any of his adult novels yet so I don't know how they are, but his young adult books are mediorce and need a little more work.

Louis Sachar

Author of Holes, Sideway Stories from Wayside etc

Genre: Children, Young Adults

Louis Sachar is mostly well known for Holes. I'm sad to say that he hasn't produced anything that has lived up to the wonderful book of Holes. As of 2006 he has not published any new books. I hope he is working on a piece of work that is as good as Holes. 
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