You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.  
~Paul Sweeney

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Jane Austen
Author of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasian, Sense and Sensibility etc
Genre: Classic Literature

Jane Austen is a favorite of mine. Her literature is not hard to comprehend, I read Pride and Prejudice when I was in sixth grade and loved it. People have a ignorance against classic literature, assuming that it is difficult and hard to read. Jane Austen isn't! Her writing is charming, charismatic, relatable and humorous. I recommender her highly if you haven't already read her books, also A&E have made wonderful adaptions of her books that you should look into.

J. K Rowling

Author of The Harry Potter Series

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

A British author who was originally living off the government and borrowing money from friends, she has come a long way. I'm very impressed with mass amount that she has written, each Harry Potter book increasing in hundreds of pages. I was a little disappointed in the last three books, they weren't as good as the first four, but they lived up to expectations. However, as the author of Harry Potter, I am eager to see what she will write next, now that her story here is finished, or not. She is publishing the Tales of the Beedle Bard, which is the story that Hermione Granger inherits from Albus Dumbledore in the last installment of the series. 

Stephenie Meyer
Author of The Twilight Saga & The Host
Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Science Fiction

Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite authors, however I was very disappointed in the Twilight Saga. Twilight, the first book, was a wonderful book that had a lot of potential. However, as each book of the saga came out, the books gradually became worst. The Host was just like Twilight, wonderful, but I am concerned that if she writes a sequel for The Host, that it will become like the Twilight Saga, and I will not read it, for fear that she will destroy a book that I love. Her let down in the Twilight Saga made me nervous for her other books. Meyer is still a relatively new author, so hopefully she'll learn from her Twilight experience and deliver a more consistent series next time. Stephenie Meyer is definitely not the new J.K. Rowling!
Charles Dickens
Author of Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, etc
Genre: Classic Literature

This author knows how to write! I believe a majority of his books are over 800 pages. Dickens writes about issues that plague him and society of his time. His books are dark and sad and not a light read. His books are so dark that its hard to read and that I only read him because he's a classic and not because I was eager to pick up his books. Make sure you have a light and jolly book to read after you read Dickens and read only one of his books at a time so you can recover afterwards. 

Scott Westerfeld
Author of the Uglies Trilogy, Midnighters, The Last Days, etc
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Scott Westerfeld is an extremely talented writer that I am impressed with, he writes books that you can barely wrap your mind around. I don't know where he got his ideas but they are genius. Although I haven't read all of his books (only 8/11) I have loved each one so far. Many of his books are New York Times best sellers. He always delivers consistent and exciting books. I can't wait for his next one! He is also an extremely versatile writer, writing from Science Fiction to Young Adult.

Ian McEwan
Author of Atonement, Saturday, The Innocent, Amsterdam, etc
Genre: Adult

I have only read Atonement, however Saturday and The Innocent are in my to-read pile (which is big) and I am attempting to get around to reading them. I loved Atonement, but the movie was horrible. Anyways, Atonement is a intriguing book that shows what a talented writer McEwan is. Another interesting fact is that Ian McEwan is British. They have delivered another wonderful author. I believe he is a consistent writer and once I read Saturday or The Innocent, I will update this.

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