The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.  
~James Bryce

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 Teen Idol by Meg Cabot is about Jenny Greenley who is everyone's best friend and has a knack for keeping secrets. When she is asked to keep Hollywood starlet Luke Striker's identity a secret, her life of chaos begins. Meg Cabot weaves a entertaining story that is a nice read for ages 12 & up.

I enjoyed this because it is a funny book that is very entertainig for an easy read 
Jinx by Meg Cabot is quirky book about a girl who is, well, Jinxed, which is how she came to get the nickname of Jinx. Jinx doesn't fit in- in the upper East Side of New York As Jinx deals with her cousin, she also deals with her "witch abilities."  Meg Cabot delivered a cute book that is recommended for grades 7 & up

I liked this book because it is a mixture of science fiction & young adult, which are two of my favorite genres to read.
Avalon High by Meg Cabot brings in a twist of Meg Cabot we haven't seen yet, adding a bit of history, Avalon High is a modern twist of Camelot. Elaine is a new girl at her school and doesn't know how to fit in. Little does she know that history will fit her in. Recommended grade 6 & up.

Meg Cabot delivered, and she delivered, impressively, well. This is a Meg Cabot that I hope to read more of because it is entertaining without the unnecessary humor that she sometimes adds into her book.  I am very impressed with this book & highly recommend it.
That Summer by Sarah Dessen is a coming of age story, in a unique way. Dessen tells the story of Haven and her life as she is growing up and watching her sister, her perfect sister, get married. Recommended ages 13-16.

I didn't like this book, she has a plot and an excellent beginning, but doesn't expand on it. I hate not finishing books so I finished it, but I didn't like it at all.
 Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen is a story about two people who are struggling in life and who's path's cross (not surprising there). Ruby and Nate, both struggling in life, both find sanctuary in each other, or so we think. Sarah Dessen tells the tale of two intricate characters who find each other. Recommended ages 15 & up.

I have only read one other of Dessen's books and I hadn't liked it, so I didn't know what to expect when reading this book. I didn't fall in love with this book, but Dessen is an excellent story teller and because of that, this story was good. 
Love Rules by Dandi Daley Mackall is a cute story of finding love and finding yourself. When Jake and Mattie go off to college, Jake's sister Emma makes them promise to send her a postcard every week with a Love Rule. They both are looking for love and trying to find their place in college. Recommended ages 12-15.

I fell in love with this book the minute I picked it up. This cute book weaves the story of finding yourself and love in unexpected ways, and a unique twist that I wasn't expecting. Definitely a keeper! 
Learning to Swim by Cheryl Klam is a short yet cute book. Steffie is working a summer job and of course, falls in love with the hottest guy there. She, of course, has the mother who travels from place to place after being dumped. Finally Steffie wants a life for herself and she learns how to swim. Recommended ages 12-14.

This book is cute and short. Not worth buying but maybe you can get it from a local library. 
Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer is a quirky cute story. A modernish version of Cinderella, Cindy doesn't want to go to the prom. Need I say more? There are a couple of twists that are needed to modernize the Cinderella story, but they fit perfectly with the book. Recommended ages 12-14.

This book I fell in love with. A quick read, but if you're like me and love to own books, I would buy it just so you can pull it out once and a while. 
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