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The Nannies Series by Melody Mayer is a series about Kiley, Lydia and Esme, who's lives mesh as they all come to L.A. California. Unlike some other series, these girls aren't rich and don't have everything going for them. Recommended grades 7 & up. (6+books)

This series is nice and simple, an easy read that doesn't become complex.
Calypso Chronicles by Tyne O' Connell is a series that doesn't get much attention because it takes place in England. This quirky series has everything necessary for drama, rich girls, boarding school, hot guys and the IN crowd. And the wanna-be in girl is named Calypso, how embarrassing. Recommended for grades 6-9. (3 books)

This series is new and refreshing from the constant repetition of typical clique stories. 
 Inside Girl by J. Minter is a series about Flan Flood who, surprise, lives in New York and is rich. A twist, she doesn't care, she wants a normal life, which is pretty hard when your family and friends are famous. Recommended grades 7-9. (4+books)

I like this series because you can really relate to Flan Flood and her yearning to fit in without needing to use her dad's plastic. 
The A-List by Zoey Dean is about Anne Percy and her adventures when she decides to move out to Hollywood. Enter Sam Sharpe, Cammie Sheppard and Dee Young. Things just got a little hotter in Hollywood after these girls get into many cat fights. Recommended grades 7 & up. (10+)

A little like Gossip Girl by in L.A. at least there are no wanna-be's in this book cause they're all in. I like this better than Gossip Girl  
 Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter is about being a smart powerful spy, everything that Cammie Morgan is. Oh, and did we mention her mother is the headmistress of the school? Need I say more? Recommended grades 7-10 (2+books)

I like this book because its not the usual teen series you see on a bookshelf in the store. Its a book that's idea is a little repetitive but Ally Carter brings her own flare to it. 
The Specialists by Shannon Greenland is about Kelly James, girl genius. She becomes a secret agent and well, the rest is history. A fun series recommended for ages 9-12 (4+books)

This series idea is a little like Gallagher Girls but Shannon Greenland was able to make it her own piece of writing and did a superb job. 

Internet Girls by Lauren Myracle is the story of three girls who's lives we read about through their AIM conversations. The three book series is a cute series with the AIM lingo. Recommended grades 7-10. (3books)

Lauren Myracle weaves a wonderful story that is extremely realistic and has got the AIM lingo down! After much research on her behalf, it paid off in such a wonderful series. 
South Beach by Aimee Friedman is a cute series of two girls and how they become closer friends. Popular Alexa and sporty Holly have parted after middle school, but now their lives cross during a spring break to remember. Recommended grades 8 & up. (3 books)

Aimee Friedman wrote a cute series but it's very short. However, you grow to enjoy the characters in such a short span, which takes impressive writing skills. 
Summer Boys by Haley Abbott delivers a series about three cousins, Ella, Beth and Jaime. The series tells the stories of their summers; the laughs, the tears, the adventures and of course the boys. Recommended grades 8 & up. 

Although I own this series, I have not read the books. According to amazon: (85 reviews)
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